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Music by the Drop by mayd0002

Music by the Drop
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Evolution continues to "squeeze" out the old forms of music into the new. Pandora is in the forefront of this movement with its futurist approach in creating a melting pot of artists.


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Contest Description
Help Pandora & Levi's to support youth music education around the world. Create a poster with the Pandora logo and themes of music, charity, and technology. Win $500 cash prize.

Created by: Pandora

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Very cool....great job!


Awesome entry! Such an interesting concept! Love it!


PURE music doses to the brain!! love it!! JD


I love the design! It's simple, yet to the point! This should win!


Wonderful! CodyEh- Let me entered and didnt make it? Is that why you are so mad at this entry??


good concept...weak executution...livetrace is over used should have hand drawn each of the pieces in the poster..


I agree with Marz... Scarlette you're comment is quite a bit off the mark.


@ Scarlette...I don't think that this piece is trying to say that all music is the exact same. Pandora is what's under this funnel, and it's saying that it brings music together. It's all in one place for all to enjoy. I actually think that this ia great idea.


Clean, simple, and to the point. Love it!


perfect idea


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