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Down to Earth by Stilly

Down to Earth
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Help Pandora & Levi's to support youth music education around the world. Create a poster with the Pandora logo and themes of music, charity, and technology. Win $500 cash prize.

Created by: Pandora

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It seems like you had a good concept... however, it is under developed.


I would like to see a smoother turns in the birds flight. Is there significance in the letter "S"?


i feel like microsoft windows would appreciate this


thank you stilly. yes im BORED looking at your work. Scarlette has a point as it looks like you didnt spend alot of time on it. dont get upset its just the truth.


Lovell...bored. You're BORED just looking at this.


This could use a lot more touch!


I’m board just looking at this and by the lack of comments on this piece I think everyone else is too.


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